Art for Heart

We are all a tiny bit broken inside.

We are all hurting inside to some degree. It is extremely intimidating to bare our hurts.

Every heart cries out at one time or another, unable to express its anguish burning inside like lava.

This is The Silent Lament of my soul I alone could hear that I could never vocalize, always afraid of not being understood, finally spilling out in torrents of ink and paint and emotion.

To all those who have ever felt intimidated by the vastness of the whole wide world, cheers to feeling insignificant under the canvas of stars.

We may never be able to reach those heights, but we can certainly dream under the starlight.

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Artistic Origins

Have you ever wished you could spell out your story on a Starry Night? Wanted to have coffee next to a rustic lighthouse, with a pen spilling your soul on the pages?

The Silent Lament took shape as an expression of my soul in the form of an inked canvas on a lonely day.

In a world of organized reality, my soul is a crazy chaotic place. And that chaos flooded out of me in the form of ink and paint.
The poem and painting that started this venture were entitled 'Silent Lament': A silent expression of my soul bleeding through my hands on paper and canvas.

I spent ages searching for a tiny little bookstore hidden in some quirky corner to get lost in. An obscure place where I could lose myself within the hardcovers, leave the reality of the world outside and slam the door. Have a cup of tea and let my imagination run wild. Have a deep philosophical discussion with a total stranger. Let my creativity flow free and come up with something that soothes my soul. 

I never did find such a haven, so I set out to create one. A place where people can get lost and create their own pieces, connect with strangers, speak up fearlessly, learn something new, make fumbling attempts at something new, create masterpieces, and so much more.

Find your favorite nook with The Silent Lament at your leisure.