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A simple word, with a simple meaning…

Yet, when it comes to humans, it becomes extremely complex with context.

Have you ever experienced the profound complexity of feeling lost within yourself, feeling lost when it seems like you have everything to make you happy, feeling lost to yourself, to your sense of self?

That lost feeling is not easy to define. It is even harder to identify when it comes to your own self. The only indication is the slight feeling of wrongness, of the sense that something is missing, or you are forgetting something- but not the ‘what’?

It takes looking inside oneself, takes deep introspection to plod through the distracting reasons impeding your way to the roots of this feeling.

So, how to go about finding yourself when you find out you are lost?

The journey to finding yourself is unique to everyone, but there are general guidelines one can follow and forge their own subjective paths.

· Begin with finding some peace and quiet for time alone. Give the cogs in your brain a little rest from their continuous turning all day long.

· Take deep breaths. It feels overrated for something our body has made an unconscious, involuntary process to ensure survival. But the fact remains that a few deep breaths taken consciously can change your entire outlook- from calming you down after a rampaging temper, to making you feel refreshed and energetic, the lungs are capable of amazing feats.

· Try meditation if you want to take it further. It provides a peace and calm we don’t usually find anywhere else.

· Follow up with diving deep within your mind to find the root cause of whatever is bothering you. You might just be able to find yourself in that convoluted maze.

· The process is personal and requires trial and error for finding the right one that suits you, and further fine tuning to your tastes.

Happy searching!!!

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