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Art therapy

We exist in the period of time where emotional and mental issues are considered serious enough to take a break and get treatment, just like a cold or fever, albeit without the physical symptoms.

Human brain and its complexities have shaped the world as we know it, and yet it’s only in the recent times that any serious research has been invested in it. And after decades of researches, we know for a fact that we don’t really know the human brain. What we do know is only a very small percentage of that knowledge can be generalized in regards to everyone, while a large portion of it is just guidelines that can be followed towards every person’s unique psyche.

This has led to the common misconceptions and myths regarding psychological therapies, making it out to be the bogyman, ranging from labelling the concerned person as deranged, mentally unstable, to declaring them all out a stark raving lunatic. The debate on the pros and cons of therapy could continue endlessly and still not reach a conclusion. It is an extremely subjective requirement and choice.

While a practicing therapist might not be everyone’s cup of tea, almost everyone needs some kind of therapy to unwind. It could be anything from music to workout to retail therapy.

I've found art therapy to be what works best for me.

A few weeks spent in a slump, struggling physically as well as mentally, with zero productivity, led to extreme bouts of experimentation. While art has always been a hobby, I found relief in art during this time.

It has been a few days since I started, and I am beginning to feel more normal by the day. I am making this the motto of my daily routine for now-

‘An art a day, keeps the shrink away’

for as long as it continues to work.

I've found taking a few minutes to create an art piece works wonders for my brain. It could be anything from as simple as a flower sketch, to as elaborate as a long-term painting or sculpting project. I've mostly stuck to sketches, but have started one long term project of upcycling an old book into an art journal.

The journey towards healing looks different for everyone, be it physical, emotional, or mental. At the end what matters is that you find a way that works for you.

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