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Breathing life into art

Every creation owes its genesis to the inspiration from your emotions, be it happiness, rage, grief, or boredom.

A piece of art always comes from the heart. A tiny bit of your soul goes into your creation and breathes life in it.

Mine comes from the deepest corners of my soul, buried in the darkest trenches, caged, and howling, unheard, unseen, unfelt.

My heart screams silently, begging to be heard.

As a teenager wishing for some way to express myself, I found refuge in paint and ink. However much of time passes, I believe I would always feel a profound connection to the two pieces of my art collection: the simplicity and the flaws of a novice, the diction of a child, and the sentiments of an old soul.

These two pieces of art express the silent storm raging inside my soul, that would go on to become the foundation of ‘The Silent Lament’.

Silent Lament

Not long have I lived

But long have I suffered

The pain would be a little less for sure

If I could shed a few tears more

But it is at its worst

After all that I have lost

I am forced to smile

And in hiding my pain be agile

Moments seem to stretch on like years

And I am locked in a lament of silent tears…

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