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Back to the Classics

I am hoping for the strength to stick to my reading resolutions, and not be distracted by new ones. Especially with my to-be-read booklist.

There is a massive pile of classics I have been meaning to read for a long time. Though I have never been able to afford them the attention and dedication they demand. The amount of books I wish to read is vast. I wouldn’t be finished even till doomsday, let alone in this lifetime.

I am finally going to immerse myself into the times lost long ago and explore this world through a different pair of eyes.

The trouble with having such a colossal booklist is getting optimistic about reading a whole lot of them. The dejection when most are left untouched is crushing. So, after long deliberations and heart wrenching grief for those left out, I have finally settled on these for the year, to start with.



My firm refusal to watch movie adaptations of the classics means I can enjoy the plot without any spoilers.

This story is described as a parable of beauty and the beast in a bittersweet romance.

I have never put much stock in the picture perfect happily ever after- despite indulging the guilty pleasure often. The reality of life resides in the long uphill battles, steep downward spirals and occasional flat stretches. Not in the thrilling rush of the rollercoaster rides we all claim it is.

There are few writers who have managed to capture this truth of life. Fewer still who have been able to portray it through ink on paper, words without inflection.

I am beginning my journey between pages this year in Medieval Paris with Esmerelda and Quasimodo, anticipating the twists and turns of the Parisian streets.



My love for literature has its foundations firmly rooted in the classics. It sprouted with Bronte, grew with Austen and hopes to blossom with Hardy.

Tess has been depicted as an ideal to look towards when rebellion flows through the veins of young women, resenting the shackles of the society.

The recommendation for Tess came with disclaimer that this one book would reel you in like a fish on a hook and shatter your very being. Brace yourself before picking up this volume.



Human mind is a beautiful and complex entity that Freud has taken a shot at decoding.

His Dream Psychology was a basic introduction towards understanding human psyche. I may never be able to read people like a book, but it has proven intriguing, getting to know myself through dreams.

I intend to continue my hopeful forays into the subconscious with Freud.



I searched for the legend of Frankenstein after the odd mentions here and there, and the cute portrayal of Frank in Hotel Transylvania.

The story of clubbing together different parts into a complete human and literally breathing life into it was fascinating in grotesque, macabre sort of way. Though I do not believe the novel is that graphic since it has been dubbed one of the first true Science fiction novels, and not Gothic Horror.



Anyone wishing to get better acquainted with the intimate details of feminism has been recommended this tome.

One of the earliest works on feminist philosophy, this book created massive ripples in the 18th century.

I believe this would prove an educational read and help my personal growth as a women.



Times may have changed.

Governments may have changed.

The world may have changed.

But human nature remains a universal constant.

The very same human nature that makes us blind to the suffering of others. The very nature that creates close bonds within a small circle also isolates us from the bigger picture, and vice-versa.

The words that struck a chord within mw before I even read what the book was about:

‘If a ruler wants to survive.

He must learn to stop being good’

Monarchies may have faded away from the world, but their politics has become integrated into the daily life of common people. Machiavelli’s words hold true even today’s world, just replace the ‘ruler’ with ‘person’.

I am hopeful that the books would prove to be all that they promise.

Happy reading.

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